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'Our Voice' 2017-2018

At Briar Hill we are always striving to improve teaching and learning for your children. One of the many ways we do this is to ensure we listen to the children's ideas and opinions about their learning and the school environment.  We achieve this in part through 'Our Voice', which is a child friendly way of gathering the children's thoughts about their learning.
Six Year Two children are chosen to; represent their class, collaborate/buddy with a Year One and a Reception class, to gather the 'voice' of the children and be the leading children in the 'Our Voice' initiative. Mrs Bassett facilitates the 'Our Voice' initiative, supports the leaders in their training, discussions and meetings weekly and is dedicated to ensuring 'Our Voice' is championed in school.

The chosen Year Two children lead the 'Our Voice' approach in many ways, including;

  • supporting the staff and visitors in assemblies.
  • helping to celebrate children's achievements in 'Proud Assemblies'.
  • regular visits to other year groups to talk to the children about their 'voice'.
  • being ambassadors for school when appropriate.
So far the 'Our Voice' leaders have gathered the children's voice about the following areas;
  • what are your favourite areas of the classroom (such as role play, challenge area or the book corner) and why?
  • what are your favourite lessons and why?
  • what learning powers can you use when you get stuck?
  • what learning are you proud of and why?
Consequently, your children have been able to voice their opinions and influence decisions made in school in areas like; school website content, reinforcing school rules, supporting our new intake in their induction to school, promoting healthy eating and the outdoor learning environment.