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Destination Imagination

Some of our Year 2 children went to an event in London on Saturday called Destination Imagination. They had to perform in front of judges and other schools, they were amazing and so confident!

Mrs Bassett and Mrs Bridges went with them. The judges were astounded at how confident they were. They represented Briar Hill so well. Well done to them all and thank you to the staff who went with them.

We had some lovely comments from parents who attended with us, here are just a couple.

"I really enjoyed the play they acted. I was so impressed at how well my child and his team worked together. The whole experience has given him a real sense of prideĀ and confidence."

" I think it was absolutely fabulous that my daughter was selected to experience the tournament. I really enjoyed their performance, all the children were very confident and you could notice how much effort had gone into preparing for it. Being able to create the performance as a team she was able to further develop her creative skills and teamwork."